Why GamerGate Is Destined To Fail



What Is GamerGate?

It’s the Tea Party of video games. And Zoe Quinn is its Benghazi.

Okay, But What Is GamerGate Really?

GamerGate has been disingenuously framed as a grassroots campaign of gamers “concerned with the quality and integrity of video game journalism.” The campaign is, in truth, an effort to fold in, rehabilitate, and retroactively justify a previous campaign of blatant gender-based harassment against a female videogame developer for the capital offenses of having (a) a vindictive ex-boyfriend and (b) friends within the industry.

GamerGate is a campaign run by people who don’t understand what a real conflict of interest actually is, and who would institute standards of disclosure and prohibition on reporting so restrictive as to essentially disqualify all actual journalists from the space. They sincerely believe that the mere act of patronizing a developer precludes one from objectively reporting on that developer - a standard more stringent than that found in political reporting, and for a field of journalism that is far less important.

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I’d like to think that “problematic” needn’t be a substitute for “evil.”

If you call something “problematic,” remember that problems exist to be solved.

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I look forward to the day when some amazing person settles for me.

Yeah… yeah.

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the white house released this video on sexual assault that actually targets men, telling them not to rape, rather than telling women not to be raped. please watch this.

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Batmana! Via Imgur - http://imgur.com/k9crXk8



Via Imgur - http://imgur.com/k9crXk8

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comic about how I’ve been feeling recently

Oh hey sup depression

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Isn’t it amazing how a group of adult men can completely take over a show meant for little girls; making it virtually impossible to search or do anything related to the show without being exposed to over-sexualized, misogynistic, sexist crap, and they get a documentary that praises them for stepping outside of their perceived gender roles? Meanwhile 45% of the gaming community is comprised of women and I get dick pics and rape threats if I try and go on xbox live.

This is actually a pretty good point.

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blog-of-some-guy said: Do you ever feel sometimes that fans of a series (*coughs*Kill la Kill*coughs*) care and speculate more about (often non-existent) shippings rather than the actual themes and characters of a show? Can you come up with a reason for this?


Yes. Yeeeeeeeeees. Yes. The answer to this is yes copied-and-pasted a thousand times.

The reason for this is probably twofold.

A) People obsessed with shipping are sexually frustrated. A large portion of them are in their teens and early twenties, and hey, they like anime and video games and stuff: they’re probably not social butterflies. They may not be getting that itch scratched, (“single player” only accomplishes so much,) and here’s this entire community based around parading their favorite characters’ sexualities as “media criticism” whether it matters or not. Talking about fictional characters’ naughty bits makes them feel smart and adult and turns them on all at the same time! Win-win!

B) People obsessed with shipping have found a place to belong in the above, established group of people obsessed with shipping. They have friends who talk about shipping all day, so they talk about shipping all day, and they belong! This forms a large portion of pretty much every fandom, it’s a universal sort of thing.

But as much as it’s bound to piss off the ~shipping community~ or whatever, I think we can all agree that you’d care less about the frankly boring conceit of which fictional character is mashing their privates against those of another fictional character if you were actualizing that fascination against some actual privates and releasing that tension.

It’d be funny if it didn’t get in the way of actual media discussion so damn hard. And sometimes even media *creation!* It absolutely ruined Avatar: The Last Airbender. Killed it. The romance in that show near the end is garbage, and 90% of Korra’s content on the whole is garbage, largely because of the creators feeding on their community’s obsession with shipping. Not speculation on my part, this is stuff they actually said in the interviews on the special features of Avatar. And that sucks.

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